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Parker motor

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General Features
• The laminated piston ring offers important advantages such as unbeatable efficiency and thermal shock resistance
• High allowable speeds and operating pressures means high output power
• The unique piston locking, timing gear and bearing set-up as well as the limited number of parts add up to a very robust design with long service life and, above all, proven reliability.
• The 40° angle between shaft and cylinder barrel allows for a very compact, lightweight motor/ pump.
• Small envelop size and a high power-to-weight ratio
• The motor version has highly engineered valve plates for high speed and low noise
• The pump version has highly engineered valve plates for increased self priming speed and low noise, available with left and right hand rotation.
• The F11's and F12's have a simple and straight-forward design with very few moving parts,making them very reliable motors/pumps.
• Our unique timing gear design synchronizes shaft and cylinder barrel, making the F11/F12 very tolerant to high 'G' forces and torsional vibrations.
• Heavy duty roller bearings permit substantial external axial and radial shaft loads.

Parker TG0280US081AAWV, TG Series LSHT Hydraulic Wheel Motor

U.S.A. Europe Japan Parker
- TG0280US081AAWV,

Parker MPP1424R6S-KPSN Rev 1A Servo Motor - Used Cut Out

U.S.A. Europe Japan Parker


U.S.A. Europe Japan Parker
- SX83-93-E

Parker Yokogawa Dynaserv Dc Servo Stellmotor, SR1015B6, Suffix -4sn , Gebraucht

U.S.A. Europe Japan Parker
- SR1015B6,

Parker Compumotor Gemini GV-H20E Brushless Servo Motor Drive 6kW , Mach3 Tested

U.S.A. Europe Japan Parker
- GV-H20E

Orbital Hydraulic Motor SDH125 Interchangeable with Parker TB

U.S.A. Europe Japan Parker
- SDH125

Parker MB Series Brushless Servo Motor MB1053002519164M Motor Shaft D: 3/4"

U.S.A. Europe Japan Parker
- MB1053002519164M

Parker MPP2306N6S-KPSN Servo Motor

U.S.A. Europe Japan Parker

Parker TG0140AM060AAAA Hydraulic Motor

U.S.A. Europe Japan Parker
- TG0140AM060AAAA

Parker Hydraulic Motor 1" Shaft NEW NOS MF-20-09-10 Volvo Penta Hydraulic Trim

U.S.A. Europe Japan Parker
- 1"

MTS AC-03-S, Multiaxis module, Servo amplifier , Parker, Custom Servo Motors

U.S.A. Europe Japan Parker
- AC-03-S,

Parker Hydraulic Motor m5bs p28 3r02 b1m 00000 54 used/worn

U.S.A. Europe Japan Parker
- m5bs