Timken bearing FAQS


AThe ordering of correct replacement bearings is vital to minimizing downtime and assuring the correct interchanges. Timken suggests that you follow these simple steps to identify yourbearings and then proceed to the appropriate catalog section for correct bearing catalog number. If no identification number is legible, measure the following dimensions: 1. Inner ring bore 2. Outer ring outside diameter 3. Inner width and outer width (not always the same dimension) 4. Shape of the outer ring: beveled vs. straight O.D. 5. List the unique features of the bearing or components such as: relubrication holes in the outer ring, wireloc (snap ring) groove in the outer ring O.D. Replacement and nomenclature information for Timken bearings is found under the “Introduction” section for each bearing type.


ASpherical roller bearings have two rows of symmetrical rollers, a common sphered outer ring raceway and two inner ring raceways inclined at an angle to the bearing axis. The centre point of the sphere in the outer ring raceway is at the bearing axis. Bearing features: Accommodate misalignment High load carrying capacity Long service life Low friction Robust


A1. Waterproof hammer solenoid valve: Application: filling / emptying equipment by gravity and the occasion with the minimum pressure of 0. For example: 221g610 2. Two position two-way waterproof hammer solenoid valve - pilot type application: cut off large flow and high pressure liquid, and the minimum working pressure (0.3bar) is required. For example: e321g360 3. Hot water - steam solenoid valve Application: control the steam flow in all kinds of heating systems. Steam tableware, autoclave, air conditioning system, car washing equipment and food processing equipment. For example: 121k0103 5. High corrosion resistant solenoid valve (stainless steel): Application: anti-corrosion materials are used inside and outside the solenoid valve. Chemical industry. For example: 121v5406 6. High frequency solenoid valve Application: air jet loom, printing machine, cash counting machine, pagination machine and origami machine for occasions requiring very short response time / or oil-free air. For example: 221g3301-2995.23-483816 Parker SCEM solenoid valve engineering parameters applicable to water, air, neutral gas, light oil, hot water and 180 degree steam, other types applicable to natural gas and 2-7 viscosity fuel oil. Solenoid valve type: 2 / 3 normally closed; 2 / 2 normally open; 2 / 3 normally closed or normally open solenoid valve material: 1. Valve body: forged brass, 316 stainless steel; 2. Sealing material: NBR (n) Viton (V) EPDM (H) Ruby (R) Teflon (T); 3. Sliding tube: stainless steel AISI 304; dynamic and static iron core: stainless steel AISI 430 fr can be installed in any position (the coil must be higher than the inlet horizontal line)


AHigh density medium discharge: because of the use of supporting swashplate, it realizes small-scale Lightweight and high-pressure, thus improving the output power per unit weight. Low working noise: while improving the structural rigidity of the swashplate, the frame designed with the Latest measurement and analysis technology can greatly reduce the operating noise. High efficiency: adopt ball valve plate and appropriate oil pressure balance, expand operation conditions and produce high efficiency. Long term operation: due to the excellent wear-resistant ball valve plate, the anti pollution characteristics are strengthened.